Vault 17 Nuclear Fallout Escape Room Profile Image

Please Welcome Room 1: Vault 17

Out of That Orange Coloured Sky

Welcome vaulters to your new home, Vault 17. Your new home is a state of the art facility designed to keep you and your family safe when those bombs start dropping out of that orange coloured sky! Or at least that was the promise...and to some extent it was true.

But now, 30 years on things are really starting to go wrong! The final power cell has started to fail in Vault 17 and there's only 60 minutes before the power to the vault exit door fails and the once safe haven becomes the eternal tomb of the vaulters. Players at Time Race will have the opportunity to escape from Vault 17 and attempt to make it out into the wasteland that exists outside. But many questions linger, will it be safe? Who else will be out there? Can we rebuild?

If you are brave enough, you and your team of vaulters can try to make it out alive...but be careful just esccaping isn't enough! You will need to protect yourselves by activating the anti-rad system. Fail to do that and you may make it out, but the fate of intense radioactive poisoning will be far worse than a failed existence in the vault.