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What It Takes To Launch A New Type Of Escape Room

Manchester's Escape Room 2.0

After touring the UK and playing Escape Games around the country, Time Race Co-Founders Jason Walshaw and Daniel Mahoney decided that if they were to get involved in escape rooms for a second time, it would have to be something really special. We coined the term Escape Room 2.0 to encapsulate what we were trying to achieve - a whole new level of escape game fact an experience where it doesn't feel like a game at all!

To bring an Escape Room 2.0 experience to Bury in Greater Manchester, we decided that we had to start with amazing stories. We went through hundreds of ideas, over 50 concepted stories to come down to our final 2 rooms ready for launch. The story is a really critical part of our rooms and that will be something that our players can sense throughout their experience. Next up we made a big decision...rather than going state of the art with loads of computer system, we'd focus on developing an exceptionally skilled team of Game Masters, who would take control of each experience, with each of our rooms acting as giant puppets, to play out our stories in such a way that no two teams' experiences would be the same. Although computer technology is great, we decided that faults can be too detrimental to the experience and we want to ensure that every player has an incredible experience every time at Time Race.

All in all, what it really takes to build a new escape room is hard graft, just like any business. From creating a business plan through to knocking down walls and spending hours lovingly building each tiny element of the room to create realism like no other. After all of our work on our escape rooms, we cannot wait for our first players to come and play, so that we can see the astonishment on their faces!