The Invitation Mystery Escape Game - Time Race, Bury | Greater Manchester


only £15 per person

for up to 6 players



2-6 players

60 mins

The Story

When a Mysterious Red Envelope Arrives, Will You Dare To Accept The Invitation?

A Psychological Escape Room Experience

Every child from the village of Chattesbury knew the name of Lord Everest Flitterwood. He’s the village’s very own Bogeyman, a monstrous old man who would steal the souls of the mindless and reward the hard working and intelligent. To the adults, he was far more of a hero. A Nobel Prize winning Physicist, who helped to establish the village of Chattesbury. Lord Flitterwood was seldom seen in the village in recent years, adding to the children’s gruesome playground talk of the madman atop the hill.

Despite his lack of day to day presence, every day the villagers would see the lights in The Old Manor atop the hill go on with the sun and off with the moon. As many suns and moons passed, the rumours of misdeeds spread away from the playground and into the minds of the adults of the village. Now in modern years tales would circle of families who went missing atop the hill. But to many these tales were seen as just that...stories.

Now for the first time, Lord Flitterwood has sent a letter to a household in the village.

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