When a Mysterious Red Envelope Arrives,

Will You Dare To Accept The Invitation?

Professor Curtis Lockwood, Adventurer extraordinaire, that was how he used to introduce himself to everyone. You remember stories he would tell of his adventures around the world, all the treasure he brought back, the damsels he saved. He was a hero to you.

It had been months since you last heard from him which is why it surprised you when his butler called you and told you to meet him at the mansion.

You arrive to find the place empty, no sign or Curtis or the butler. As you look around you remember about the secret gallery he used to take you as a kid. Quickly you head inside and find a letter addressed to you.

What secrets could this letter contain? What happened to Professor Curtis Lockwood?

Escape Room Bury
Escape Room Bury
Escape Room Bury


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