So… what is an escape room experience?

what is an escape room experienceEnjoying an escape room experience is a new cool way to experience real-life gaming! It is the entertainment phenomenon that is taking the UK by storm and the market is now worth billions!

This type of game involves being physically locked in a room and attempting to solve a number of themed challenges that will carve your path to freedom. Escape room experiences have grown in popularity so much that there are now over 150 escape room centres across the country where you can take part in this immersive form of gaming*.

Are escape room experiences scary?

Not all escape room experiences are designed to frighten you! They’re created to test you in many different ways, both mentally and physically. There are a plethora of exciting and fantastically themed rooms that can be enjoyed by family, friends, coworkers and couples alike. Choosing the right room for you is the first step in getting a great first-time escape room experience!

Popular escape room experience themes include post-apocalyptic scenarios, medical mysteries, pirates, prison breaks, movie themes and more! The market has really opened up to this type of gaming experience and is showing no sign of slowing down.

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