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Behind the Scenes With The Time Race Co-Founders

By October 29, 2018 October 31st, 2018 No Comments

How It All Began

Time Race was conceived by Jason Walshaw and Daniel Mahoney after having previous experience in the Escape Room industry. Following a trip around the UK playing different escape games, both Time Race Co-Founders came to the same conclusion – to succeed in this industry you need to be different! Around the UK there are some phenomenal escape room operators that really stand out. But unfortunately, others seem to pale to insignificance due to repetetive game themes, simple puzzles and a heavy reliance on faulty technology.

After returning to Manchester, Jason and Daniel had a number of strategy meetings to find a real gap in the market. They quickly decided that the way forward was to take a step backwards. That’s why at Time Race our games don’t rely heavily on technology. Instead we’ve made it all about our exceptionally skilled Game Masters, who will take the lead and ensure that every player gets a unique and truly immersive escape experience.

Behind The Scenes on Our New Escape Room in Bury, Manchester

Today, we’re giving a sneaky bit of insider info behind the scenes for our first escape room in Manchester – Vault 17. This post-apocalyptic nuclear bunker is one of the UK’s most unique escape games, just in its theming alone, but that’s not all!

In the Vault players will get to interact with real props and tools, rather than the classic foam or plastic replicas. Some of our most impressive and unique pieces include a vintage radio cassette player with a built in TV screen (even the museum repair shop who fixed it up had never had their hands on one before), a truly unique vending machine and doors that you’d never see in a typical escape room (we really hate pritned vinyl stickers on doors). The approach to realism at Time Race gives players an experience like no other in the UK and this is just the start! To keep up to date on our latest news, make sure to bookmark our blog and Like Us On Facebook


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