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Helping the NHS to Escape Corona Virus

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What have we been up to during the Covid-19 Pandemic? 

During the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, the Director of Time Race, Gabrielle Dawson (26), decided to focus her efforts on becoming the creator and driving force behind a local “Help Bury NHS Staff” Campaign. 

The focus of this campaign was to keep NHS professionals who are working within Covid-19 wards as happy, healthy and safe as possible by catering to areas of their lives that the hospital itself may not have been able to focus on at the time.  

This helped to motivate the staff through hard times and keep them in optimum condition so that they can do their jobs to the best possible standard and give patients the best chance of winning their medical battle.  

The campaign was a massive success, resulting in over 2,000 meals, hundreds of laundry bags, and a plethora of toiletries and other items being delivered to Bury’s local hospital, Fairfield General. Given this success, the cause was also replicated by others and extended across Rochdale, Oldham and Crumpsall to benefit even more NHS staff.   

Which Bury Businesses Supported Our Corona Virus Help Bury NHS Project? 

Over 35 local people, pubs and restaurants took part in Gabrielle’s massive collection drive for Fairfield General Hospital. Including all of the following:

Gabrielle, who was raised in the local area and is now the director of Time Race, a local escape room business, had this to say: 

“This is a sensational effort from the local community and is a strong testament to what can be achieved if people pull together to conquer adversity. 

I am proud of our community and even more proud to be part of it!” 

Why did we choose to make a difference during the Covid-19 outbreak? 

The NHS is the backbone of the UK. It is what makes us different to other nations and is made by the people, for the people. However, this doesn’t mean that a great institution such as the NHS doesn’t occasionally need help – especially during such an unprecedented crisis.  

Gabrielle’s mother, Deborah Dawson, has been an upstanding ICU nurse at Fairfield General Hospital for over 18 years, which may explain Gabrielle’s passion for the cause. Gabrielle and Deborah have always been a close-knit mother-daughter duo and Gabrielle “would be damned before seeing her without the support she needed”.  

Therefore, she set about creating this amazing network of local businesses and didn’t look back until her objective was achieved.  

What is next for Time Race and Bury’s Budding Escape Enthusiasts? 

escape room party packages in buryGabrielle is now looking forward to reopening the doors of Time Race on the 24th July 2020 with a brand-new Deadly Pandemic Themed Escape Experience called ESCAPE999!  

The Time Race team has also been working hard to update our games so that we can provide escape enthusiasts from across the country fresh experiences with brand new challenges! 

So, if you feel like attempting to beat the pandemic or escape the nuclear apocalypse with your nearest and dearest, and would like to support Gabrielle’s local business, go to www.timerace.co.uk to find out more and book online! 

To keep the good work going, NHS Staff also get 30% off all games and products when they book using discount code ‘LOVENHS’!


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