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Would you survive the apocalypse?

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What do you need to survive the apocalypse?

would you survive the apocalypseIn an apocalyptic disaster like Chernobyl*, where humanity has crumbled to become nothing more than a relic of times that once were, would you have what it takes to conquer the wasteland?  

Many have managed to overcome games with an apocalyptic theme. However, this does leave the more adventurous of us wondering if we would survive if the apocalypse actually became a reality? 

Without the world ending in real life, we may never know! However, there are a few ways in which you can weigh up your squads’ chances of survival… you know… just in case such events do occur 

To help you to figure it out, below is our list of the necessary skills that you need to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Have a read and discover if you have what it takes! 

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Do you and your friends have the skills that are needed to survive an apocalypse? 

If you think about any decent post-apocalyptic movie, there is always a team of people with a range of different attributes that come into good use throughout the feature.  

So, you need to think about the skills of yourself, your family and friends if you’re going to survive the wasteland.  

Choosing your post-apocalyptic team  

Are you an intellectual? Are you strong? Do you have good technical skills? Or are you a survival enthusiast?  

All of the above and more are elements that are needed in a post-apocalyptic survival team if you are to stand a chance at becoming a founder of the new world.  

In apocalypse films, we usually see these elements split into a number of roles. The only question is, which role are you? And do you have people that you can count on who can fill any skills that you’re lacking? 

The Leader 

The leader of your post-apocalyptic survival team needs to be someone who has an understanding of the entire group and can bring out the best in everyone so that you can work together effectively and make decisions.  

Leaders are usually a bit of an all-rounder with their survival skills and need to be brave or conclusive enough to think of and voice a good strategy that considers all options and everyone is happy to follow.  would you survive the apocalypseThe Heavy 

Every team needs a strong man or woman to do the heavy lifting. The apocalypse brings with it many hazards and adversities that require nothing but pure brute force to overcome.  

These members of the group are usually tall and sturdily built with a natural strength of both body and mind. would you survive the apocalypse

The Brainiac

Being able to work out the best way around a problem or technical difficulty is where the more intellectual members of the group come into their prime. They observe, calculate and conquer using their minds, experience and extensive knowledge of their field. 

These people usually take the form of a scientist, engineer, IT technician or doctor in the films and are normally an instrumental part of what helps the group to conquest challenges. would you survive the apocalypseThe Survivor 

In an apocalyptic wasteland, times can get hard and tempers can get short. The survivor is the member of your group that refuses to give up or succumb to negativity. This positivity is what drives the group forward when it seems like everyone is doomed! 

This team member is an opportunist and skilled with equipment, which also makes them fantastic at spotting opportunities or having those hallelujah moments that save the day. would you survive the apocalypse

The Sacrifice 

Perhaps the most essential cog in this well-oiled machine, the sacrifice is your Hodor. This brave person is much like the survivor until they don’t…  

This is a loved and usually hilarious member of the team, but it’s that level of purity that makes them the sacrifice in the first place. Bold and hopeful, they plunge into certain doom in order to save their friends or family – usually to an unspeakable end.  would you survive the apocalypse

Would your squad survive the apocalypse? 

If the above sounds like a fitting match to your squad, then you may stand a chance at surviving the apocalypse yet – no matter what form it takes! 

If you’re itching to take it a step further, you don’t have to create a genetic monster or zombie creating disease, you can now take on the challenge in an immersive apocalypse experience. 

There are so many different apocalypse-themed challenges out there where you can have a taste of what it would be like if you were actually faced with the end of the world, it’s hard to choose where to start!  

Nuclear apocalypse theme game: Vault17 

Time Race houses a unique challenge based on an apocalyptic nuclear winter where you are a survivor…  

It was 30 years ago that the first bomb dropped. The war lasted just 18 days.  

You were lucky…you made it to Vault 17. In the Vault, generations have been born and raised in the dark. Vault 17 has become your home.  

That was at least until today. The Vault’s final power core has decayed so far that the Vault scientists believe that there’s only 60 minutes of power left. If you and your team don’t take the risk and make it to the wasteland, the Vault will become your tomb, as the Vault door is too heavy to manually operate.  


If you think that you’ve got what it takes to take on the challenge, you can get involved here. 

If you don’t try, then you may NEVER know if you’d REALLY survive the apocalypse or not.  

The choice is yours: 

I accept the challenge. 

See you at the apocalypse… 

Alternatively, if your team would like to take on a different themed challenge, you could try our 40% SURVIVAL RATE escape room where you accept an invitation to the house of a madman and discover what secrets he keeps!  

Visit Time Race for more details! 


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