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How to escape a school holiday boredom

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The difference between a School Holiday and School Helliday 

School holidays: Heaven for most… 

School holidays can be bliss for anyone that has to commute to work. The roads are clear, the weather is nice and you might even be able to enjoy a refreshing lunchtime pint in a conveniently placed beer garden near work.  

However, school holidays aren’t all fun and games for all…  summer holiday entertainment for teenagersThe School Hellidays for parents… 

We must spare a thought for those who get left behind at home. The brave souls that take time off work to look after the children and teenagers that now need entertaining each day. 

We all know that bored kids and teens can become disengaged, aggressive and destructive. So, if you want to spare your household this carnage this school break, then it will benefit you greatly to have a plan of action so that you can channel your little darlings’ energy into activities that are positive, progressive, and actually fun for the whole family (including you!). 

The best school holiday activities for teenagers 

Information is so readily available on the internet, yet a lot of us forget that there is a big wide world of crazy and unusual things to discover that can help us grow as people. Learning through experience is highly beneficial to anyone’s development. In fact, according to a famous experiential learning psychologist called Dr Kolb*: 

“Knowledge results from the combination of grasping experience and transforming it.” 

Experiences are without a doubt one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to bond, learn about something new, stimulate the imagination and create memories that last.  

Even on a limited budget, there are options out there that can help you to use this to your advantage when entertaining your teenagers during the next school holiday 

summer holiday entertainment for teenagers 3

Top six activities to try with your kids this school holiday  

We’ve created this list of cool, creative and cost-effective activities that you can try with your teenagers during the school holidays in the hope that it will inspire you to embrace this experience and help you to bond with your teenagers while getting to do some awesome stuff yourself – Let’s begin! 

Home Escape Room Experiences

The last year has forced leisure businesses to become more creative. Many are diversifying their products and finding new ways to keep customers entertained – The escape room industry included!

There is now an amazing plethora of escape games that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your very own home. These escape room experiences have been designed to help more people than ever enjoy a quirky activity at a low cost.

Learn more about home escape room experiences for families here.


Geocaching is the world’s largest treasure hunting game! There are caches hidden in thousands of locations across the world and many Geocachers that enjoy hunting for them. Each cache has a clue and coordinates to its location and often consists of a container or swapbox.  

This is a great activity for getting out of the house and exploring new locations. All that you need to get involved is download the app. You can play for free or pay a small fee to unlock the premium subscription. Try it. 

Historic monuments and museums 

History can be fascinating to young minds and going to museums and seeing objects from the past can be really rewarding. The UK has a deep and rich history that’s reflected in our environment as well as our museums, learning about this can complement your teenagers’ studies as well as help them to better understand how to world has evolved to becoming what it is today.  

There are 2,500 museums in the UK*, all with different exhibitions and activities for you and your family to get involved with. Many historic points of interest are freely accessible to the public or simply require a donation to gain access. Find your nearest museum here. 

summer holiday entertainment for teenagers 3Nature parks and walking 

There has been an exponential number of studies that prove nature has a positive effect on the brain. It is a natural antidepressant, mood booster and can benefit all-round wellness* 

Finding a good nature park or walk isn’t difficult either. The National Trust have over 500 heritage sites throughout the UK that have grounds, nature and trails for the whole family to enjoy. Alternatively, you can do it the old school way and get a map out to plot your own walking route across the three peaks or other areas of natural beauty. 

Your options with this activity really are limitless, so do some research and challenge yourselves! 

Activity and sports clubs 

Activity based clubs are always an awesome way to keep your teenagers occupied and enhancing their skills in some way. It will encourage them to follow a passion, develop a talent or learn something new before they go back to school in September.  

It’s always good for young people to have objectives to aim for. Boredom can be destructive, so show them how to use their time wisely by finding out which activity options are in your local area.   

Gamification challenges 

With the rising popularity of video games and gaming addiction, a lot of organisations are having to think outside of the box to identify ways to engage and entertain the next generation.  

This has led to the invention of a range of fun and entertaining activities that challenge participants to puzzles and problem-solving in a real-life game environment.  

Escape rooms are a brilliant example of this type of activity as they often involve both physical and mental challenges in a range of thrilling scenarios.  

Time Race is one of the businesses that recognize the need for this style of entertainment, so whether your teenager is interested in if they’d survive the apocalyptic wasteland or wants to solve the mystery left behind by the obscure and slightly mad Professor Curtis Lockwood, you’re bound to find an escape room activity at Time Race that can entertain the whole family.  


Learn more about our escape room games here. 

Escape Room ManchesterEscape Room ManchesterEscape Room Manchester


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